Family Night

Friday, January 27

Free Dauber Night

Wednesday, February 1

Not Your Everyday Bingo!!!

To show our appreciation of our great players, Options hosts special nights throughout the year. Here are a few of our specials. Be sure to click here to see the specials for this month.

Big Payout Night- our Payouts for the Bingo games are higher. We have 5 $500 games and the coverall is $1,000- 53# or less. Ever play a speed game for $500? It's a thrill.

Family Night- Bring your whole family. Children from 5 years old to 17 can play for a chance to win $10 gift certificates. We guarantee at least 3 kid winners each night. (Third Friday of every month).

Free Dauber- each player receives a dauber with the purchase of their pack.

Entertainment Nights- Special appearances by Elvis and Hank Williams impersonators.

Events night- whether it's New Year's, Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, or any other day, we are ready to have a good time. Special gifts and favors are given to players.

Special Pack Price nights- We discount our pack prices to give you a deal! We have $5 Pack nights, Penny Pack nights where the first pack costs $15 and the next 3 cost a penny a piece.

2 Grand Night- 2 Bingo games pay out $1,00 Each

Raffles and giveaway nights with special prizes
Bake Sales where you can buy freshly baked goods.
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